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#281: On Demand Drone Deliveries, with Yariv Bash

In this episode Abate interviews Yariv Bash from Flytrex. Yariv discusses how Flytrex works in cooperation with local businesses in a city to use drones to rapidly transport goods in a local region. A practical application is the delivery of food from local restaurants. Yariv discusses Flytrex’s plans for using …

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” One other important characteristic of a fantastic teacher is his understanding and own education.

It’s possible for you to consider composing on subsequent themes associated with research and engineering. Obtaining a superb research papers topic and composing a brilliant article is often important in students’s life-style. Composing documents are a really significant part literature areas in college academics. There are several issues where it’s …

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A prosthetic that restores the sense of where your hand is

Researchers have developed a next-generation bionic hand that allows amputees to regain their proprioception. The results of the study, which have been published in Science Robotics, are the culmination of ten years of robotics research. The next-generation bionic hand, developed by researchers from EPFL, the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies …

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Lining Yao: Robotic Morphing Matter | CMU RI Seminar

Link to video on YouTube Abstract: “Morphing matter harnesses the programmability in material structures and compositions to achieve transformative behaviors and integrates sensing, actuation, and computation to create adaptive and responsive material systems. These material systems can be leveraged to design soft robots, self-assembling furniture, adaptive fabrics, and self-folding foods. …

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