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Giving robots a better feel for object manipulation

A new “particle simulator” developed by MIT researchers improves robots’ abilities to mold materials into simulated target shapes and interact with solid objects and liquids. This could give robots a refined touch for industrial applications or for personal robotics— such as shaping clay or rolling sticky sushi rice.Courtesy of the …

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Robots that can sort recycling

RoCycle can detect if an object is paper, metal, or plastic. CSAIL researchers say that such a system could potentially help enable the convenience of single-stream recycling with lower contamination rates that confirm to China’s new recycling standards.Photo: Jason Dorfman By Adam Conner-Simons Every year trash companies sift through an …

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Automate 2019 startup showdown recap

It’s been two years since the last time I judged the Automate Startup Competition. More than any other trade show contest, this event has been an oracle of future success. In following up with the last vintage of participants, all of the previous entrees are still operating and many are …

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Robots that learn to use improvised tools

By Annie Xie In many animals, tool-use skills emerge from a combination of observational learning and experimentation. For example, by watching one another, chimpanzees can learn how to use twigs to “fish” for insects. Similarly, capuchin monkeys demonstrate the ability to wield sticks as sweeping tools to pull food closer …

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The Write My Scholarship Essay for Me Pitfall

The Write My Scholarship Essay for Me Pitfall Review exactly what you have been required to deal with in your essay often academic organizations desire for more information than simply your job goals. You should not compose an essay. You can simply get an essay from our company and discover …

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