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A robot recreates the walk of a fossilized animal

OroBOT – Credit: Maxime Marendaz Using the fossil and fossilized footprints of a 300-million-year-old animal, scientists from EPFL and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin have identified the most likely gaits of extinct animals and designed a robot that can recreate an extinct animal’s walk. This study can help researchers better understand how …

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Identifying artificial intelligence “blind spots”

By Rob Matheson A novel model developed by MIT and Microsoft researchers identifies instances in which autonomous systems have “learned” from training examples that don’t match what’s actually happening in the real world. Engineers could use this model to improve the safety of artificial intelligence systems, such as driverless vehicles …

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Robots are being programmed to adapt in real time

In trials, the ResiBot robot learned to walk again in less than two minutes after one of its legs was removed. Image credit – Antoine Cully / Sorbonne University By Gareth Willmer It’s part of a field of work that is building machines that can provide real-time help using only …

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